Clear Tap Line Cleaner

Clear Tap Line Cleaner

Clear Tap Line Cleaner

CODE: FO20G05-118
SKU: I003997
Manufacturer: National Chemicals Inc

Product Details

The Clear Tap beer line cleaner is an alkaline based cleaner with a colored rinse indicator that lets you see when your cleaning has been safely completed. Food-safe dyes are formulated into this alkaline solution for cleaning, and not just a secondary additive.

In addition, the dyes incorporated into the Clear Tap beer line cleaner are guaranteed to stay in solution and will not cake or oil out. This alkaline based cleaner easily removes beer stone, biomass, organics, and mineral deposits from your beer lines.

This alkaline solution for cleaning is formulated with a food-safe rinse indicator

For use with either short- and long-draw systems, this alkaline based cleaner is an excellent choice

Mixes instantly

The Clear Tap beer line cleaner works well with all electrical, mechanical, and hand-driven draft-cleaning equipment

Removes build-ups and deposits from bacteria, yeast, minerals, protein, and carbohydrates

Prevents corrosion of metal parts