Sensation IBD

Sensation IBD

Sensation IBD

CODE: LA85-4848
SKU: 85-4848
Manufacturer: Lancer

Product Details

Dimensions Width: 30"       Depth: 30.5" Height: 35.375"
Space Required Width: 30" Deep: 30.5"
Electrical  115VAC/60Hz. 3 AMPs
Weight With ice: 525 lbs Shipping: 335 lbs
Chewable Ice Capacity: 250 lbs Dispensable: 185 lbs
Fittings Soda inlets: 3/8 male barb
Valves LEV (other valves availavle upon request)
Flex Manifold Configuration 8 Valve: 3-1-1-3
Key Lock Switch  
Draw Performance Number of Drinks Below 40 degree F
   75 Degree F (24 Degree C) Ambient Temperature
  12 oz (.35 L)/ 4 drinks per minute

Units can supple drinks under 40 Degree F (4 Degree C) at rated draw performance continuously as long as ice is kept on cold plate.